¿Why to choose Jean Piaget School?

  • Each student is recognized by the teaching staff, meeting their educational and emotional needs in a personal way.

  • We offer quality education, conscious, humanistic and modern.

  • Our staff is permanent, loyal and committed to the institution and its methodology. (No rotation of staff)

  • We have a family environment and constant attention with parents.

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We are a fraternal place with quality education, where security and fairness of the students practice permanently with the universal values, making them a way of life.

Our Mission

Form intelligent human beings, competitive, and integrally happy, fulfilling quality and excellence in an environment of freedom and participation.

Our Vision

Deliver to society young people conscious of their self-love, with knowledge; personal values and universal, covering the standards required to start upper secondary education confident, professional and labor: Collaborate in the transformation of a better social and natural environment.

"An education without limits."